Meet "Dr. Joe"

"I'm a parent, husband, and working man... I get what's important in life. You want to be able to fulfill your duties, enjoy your hobies, and live your purpose without pain or stiffness getting in the way".

"All too often, a patient comes to me already having been through every other treatment option. They know they can cover up the symptoms with drugs, but that's not what they're interested in. People these days are smarter. Just masking the pain isn't enough. They want to know WHY they're having it, WHERE it's coming from, and WHAT can be done about it besides the obvious pain killers/muscle relaxants. They usually turn first to the internet for more information.

My feeling is....while I may have knowledge of the body; muscles, nerves, joints, etc... no on knows your body better than you! let's start with what you know about your body. You have a theory for what's wrong. Let's start with the experience of the pain you've been having and the theory you have for why it is occuring, and combine it with my experience and expertise in the area of spinal health and the nervous system and get to the bottom of it! I enjoy the process of discovering with you what the original cause of the pain is and letting you know how chiropractic can treat it if it is indeed within our scope.

For some reason, people generally describe me as a listener. Besides being a caring person, I think what they really mean is that when you first come in with your theory for what is wrong with you, I start by believing you know your own body, and then we use that as our starting point for getting you back to health. In my opinion, that's why it's called 'Practice' "

-Dr. Joseph C. Pigg, D.C.

Joseph Pigg serves Campbell and the surrounding communitiy . 


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  • "Dr. Joe Pigg is the best Chiropractor that I have ever been too. After suffering for years with a bad back, I was relieved of pain in just a few visits with him. I continue to go see him for adjustments, just to keep myself in line. ;-) Thanks Dr. Joe!"
    Kerri D.